Why should I use transaction MD05 to analyze the MRP results?

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The inventory/necessities record (transaction MD04) is essentially the most requently used transaction to investigate the MRP outcomes. It’s a really helpful transaction due to it’s flexibility, which lets you see the MRP parts, shares and alter the MRP parts in keeping with your enterprise wants.

Nevertheless, there may be one other transaction referred to as MRP record (MD05) which may be very usually forgot through the MRP outcomes analysis. MD05 is kind of just like MD04, and the principle distinction is that MD04 is dynamically up to date, whereas MD05 reveals the outcomes of the final MRP run. Principally, MD05 is a screenshot of the final MRP run. Which means, should you create or change or delete any MRP aspect after the MRP execution, this variation can be mirrored on MD04, however not on MD05.

If transaction MD05 isn’t dynamically up to date, then why ought to I exploit it?

To begin with, understand that transaction MD05 doesn’t substitute MD04, nevertheless, there are some eventualities the place MD05 may be very helpful.

Beneath there are some examples:

1 – Analyze the exception messages triggered through the MRP run: The MRP Listing (MD05) is builded through the MRP and it reveals the exception messages that had been triggered by MRP. The Inventory/Necessities Listing (MD04) is builded when the MRP parts are readed from the database and the MRP logic can’t be fully reproduced right here. Subsequently, the exception messages from MD05 could also be fully completely different than the exception messages from transaction MD04.

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That is particularly related when evaluating the rescheduling exception messages and the variations will typically come up when lot sizing procedures completely different that EX are used. The distinction between each transactions come up as a result of the lot sizing process isn’t thought-about when importing the planning parts from the database on transaction MD04. Notes notes 29703, 1794796 and Query 3 of the FAQ be aware  550441 present extra detailed clarification of such variations.

The variations between the exception messages can also apper on one other eventualities, equivalent to discontinutaion or when a quota association is used.

2 – To know precisely when this materials was final deliberate by MRP: Typically it seems to be like some supplies weren’t deliberate by MRP in any respect. Utilizing transaction MD05 it’s potential to know precisely when a fabric was final deliberate by MRP and if all the necessities had been lined (tip: if the fabric was not deliberate by the final MRP run, examine the planning file on transaction MD21).

3 – See the planning outcomes precisely how they had been after the MRP run: In some circumstances, chances are you’ll observe uncovered necessities, lacking planning parts or unjustified replenishment proposals after the MRP execution. Utilizing transaction MD05 and evaluating the outcomes with MD04 means that you can know clearly when a requirement or planning aspect was created, modified or deleted after the final MRP run and this can be a very great tool for troubleshooting.

4 – Verify errors that occurred through the MRP run: When an error occurs through the MRP execution, the planning run for this materials is terminated. In the event you examine the outcomes on transaction MD04, you’ll merely discover uncovered necessities, nevertheless, the termination error message is logged and it may be discovered on the MRP record.

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5- Performace: Transaction MD04 reads every planning aspect it’s respective database desk on every name and. For a fabric with an enormous variety of planning parts, it signifies that lengthy alternatives can be executed and it could take a while to complete loading. Transaction MD05 merely reads the MRP outcomes saved encrypted on a desk and that is typically quicker than MD04. Subsequently, MD05 can be utilized for a fast view of the planning parts, in case of efficiency points on MD04.

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