Which distribution has the greatest spread?

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Which distribution has the best unfold?

Which distribution has the best unfold?


Distribution = 4

Step-by-step rationalization:

truthfully i do not get it however unwell take a wild guess its B | distribution 2?


Standard Deviation = Spread

Distribution 4

Has The Greatest Spread

A) Case A we dont rally have a nrmal distribution in case C

(See step-by-step rationalization)

Step-by-step rationalization:

Regular Distribution curve is a operate of imply and normal deviation with these values we will plot the curve. The imply normally denoted by  μ will present essentially the most frecuent worth of the inhabitants ( or pattern ) and the usual deviation is a measure of the unfold of the values across the imply. If we assume that for hitting the axis we must always perceive that the 2 given values  are the tip of the curve, then we will consider how unfold is every of the curve then:

case A    115  –  75   =  40

case B      72 –  48  =   24

case C      We don’t contact  x -axis on this case so  curve is open we will  discover distribution values (theoretically) from -∞   to  +∞  we dont actually have a standard distribution on this case.

case D  38  – 28  =  10

Then if we dismiss case C the largest normal deviation will likely be case A.

Observe: we don’t must calculate normal deviation we simply must look how width it’s


Step-by-step rationalization:

The usual deviation is the measure of the unfold of the distribution. It’s the largest by far for …

… Distribution 4

I feel the proper reply from the alternatives listed above is the final choice. The distribution that has the best unfold could be distribution 4. From the alternatives listed, it’s 3.2 that’s ƒᴀʀтhest aside and due to this fact has the best unfold. Hope this solutions the query.
The pattern with the best normal deviation relative to the imply has the best unfold.  For the reason that means are all related, we simply take a look at the distribution with the best normal deviation.  That is Distribution 4, with an ordinary deviation of three.2.
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