What is the reading level of the chocolate touch?

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The Chocolate Contact
Guided Studying Degree N
Lexile® Measure 770L
DRA Degree 30

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In order that, what kind of e-book is The Chocolate Contact?

Youngsters’s literature

Additionally Know, what’s the ethical of the chocolate contact? The parable of King Midas, who beloved gold above all issues, targets greed as its major theme, whereas The Chocolate Contact highlights one other of the Seven Lethal Sins, gluttony. Each tales take care of self-centeredness versus compassion, although The Chocolate Contact does so in a way accessible to kids.

Moreover, what studying degree is chocolate fever?

Chocolate Fever

Guided Studying Degree O
Lexile® Measure 680L
DRA Degree 34

What number of AR factors is the Chocolate Contact?

ATOS E-book Degree: 4.7
Curiosity Degree: Center Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Factors: 2.0
Phrase Depend: 11444

Is the chocolate contact a chapter e-book?

‘The Chocolate Contact‘ is a e-book by Patrick Skene Catlin. It follows the story of a boy named John who’s cursed in order that every part he places into his mouth turns into chocolate. On this lesson, we’ll check out the story chapter by chapter.

Is there a chocolate contact film?

The Chocolate Contact is a 1994 comedy movie written and directed by Elliot Unusual, based mostly on the e-book of the identical title by Patrick Skene Catling. The movie notably took liberties, reminiscent of the inclusion of a foil to John Midas and equal consideration being given to the sweet shopkeeper who will get the story going.

What number of pages does the Chocolate Contact have?


Is there a treatment for Chocolate Fever e-book?

Henry bluffs them by telling them that his chocolate fever is a contagious and lethal illness, they usually enable him to flee. Plant proprietor Alfred “Sugar” Cane acknowledges Henry’s sickness and explains that the one technique to treatment chocolate fever is by consuming the alternative of chocolate: vanilla.

Who’re the principle characters within the chocolate contact?

John Midas
Dr. Skull
Mrs. Midas
Mr. Midas
Sweet Store Proprietor

Who’s the writer of The Chocolate Contact?

Patrick Skene Catling

What style is chocolate fever?

Youngsters’s literature

What’s the theme of chocolate fever?

Humor is the principle theme of the e-book, and it retains the reader smiling, even in components which might be unhappy or Web page 2 scary. Sense of self can be a theme as Henry learns self-control and satisfaction in himself. Most youngsters like chocolate.

What degree is Stone Fox?

Stone Fox
Guided Studying Degree P
Lexile® Measure 610L
DRA Degree 38

What studying degree is Charlie and the Chocolate Manufacturing facility?

Charlie and the Chocolate Manufacturing facility has an curiosity degree of grades 4 to six. It has a guided studying degree of ‘R,’ a DRA degree of 40, and a Lexile measure of 810L. As well as, it has an Accelerated Reader studying grade degree of 4.8.

What degree is Flat Stanley?

By Jeff Brown
Guided Studying Degree M
Lexile® Measure 750L
DRA Degree 24

What’s the studying degree of frindle?

Frindle has an curiosity degree of ages 8 to 12, or grades 4 to 7. It has a guided studying degree of R. Frindle’s Lexile measure is 830L, and it has a DRA studying degree of 40. It has an Accelerated Reader degree of 5.4 and a median studying grade degree of fifth grade.

What’s the studying degree of Charlotte’s Internet?

Charlotte’s Internet
Guided Studying Degree R
Lexile® Measure 680L
DRA Degree 40

What studying degree is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

Life together with his little brother, two-year-old Fudge, makes Peter Hatcher really feel like a fourth grade nothing. Fudge is definitely a tiny terror in disguise, inflicting mischief in every single place he goes.

By Judy Blume.

Guided Studying Degree Q
Lexile® Measure 470L
DRA Degree 40

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