What is “Openglopish”?

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Nicely this it has one thing to do with english!

2 Solutions

  • It is like pig latin

  • Openglopish (a.okay.a., Opish) is what is named a language recreation―a tweaking of the pronunciation of the phrases of 1’s father or mother language in order to make it incomprehensible to anybody not given the important thing to the sport forward of time; pig-Latin might be probably the most well-known instance of such a recreation. The important thing to Opish is to insert the syllable “op” between the start consonant and following vowel of each syllable of a phrase; when a syllable doesn’t start with a consonant, the “op” syllable is merely tacked onto the start of the syllable. (An instance of Opish can be the phrase “reside and let reside”, which in Opish can be “lopive opand lopet lopive”.)

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