what is a jammer in roller derby?

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The sport of Flat Monitor Curler Derby is performed on a flat, oval monitor.

Play is damaged up into two 30-minute intervals, and inside these intervals, into items of play known as “Jams,” which last as long as two minutes. There are 30 seconds between every Jam.

Throughout a Jam, every staff fields as much as 5 Skaters. 4 of those Skaters are known as “Blockers” (collectively, the Blockers are known as the “Pack”), and one is known as a “Jammer.”

The Jammer wears a helmet cowl with a star on it.

The 2 Jammers begin every Jam behind the Pack, and rating some extent for each opposing Blocker they lap, every lap. As a result of they begin behind the Pack.

they need to get by way of the Pack, then all the best way across the monitor to be eligible to attain factors on opposing Blockers.

Curler derby is a full-contact sport;

nevertheless, Skaters can not use their heads, elbows, forearms, arms, knees, decrease legs, or ft to make contact to opponents. Skaters can not make contact to opponents’ heads, backs, knees, decrease legs, or ft.

Play that’s unsafe or unlawful might lead to a Skater being assessed a penalty, which is served by sitting within the Penalty Field for 30 seconds of Jam time.

A typical Jam would possibly go like this:

Blockers line up behind the Pivot Line and in entrance of the Jammer Line.

Jammers line up behind the Jammer Line.

On the Jam-Beginning Whistle, the Blockers skate ahead and compete for superior place. The Jammers skate ahead and attempt to get by way of the Pack. Every Blocker concurrently tries to stop the opposing Jammer from getting previous, and to assist their very own Jammer get by way of.

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One Jammer exits the Pack and is said Lead Jammer, incomes the precise to finish the Jam once they determine. This Jammer races across the monitor to get into scoring place.

The identical Jammer begins to work their method by way of the Pack for the second time, and the opposing Jammer makes their method out of the Pack for the primary time.

Because the second Jammer to flee the Pack comes round into scoring place, the primary Jammer calls off the Jam.

The primary Jammer has scored factors (as much as 4), and held their opponent at zero factors. In the meantime, the opposing Jammer (by moving into scoring place) held the primary Jammer at solely these factors, as they may have scored extra factors on subsequent passes.

2. Gameplay


2.1. The Monitor

The monitor boundary, the Pivot Line, and the Jammer Line could also be of any sample or coloration as long as they clearly mark the sting of the monitor.

Close to the monitor, an space should be marked out for every staff (the Workforce Bench Space) and for the Penalty Field.

The boundary in these instances should even be excessive distinction and counts as a part of the related space. For instance, the boundary for the Penalty Field counts as a part of the Penalty Field.

Solely Skaters who’re actively serving a penalty might enter the Penalty Field Space.

2.2. Positions

For every Jam, a staff should area one Jammer, and at most 4 Blockers. Certainly one of these Blockers could also be designated because the Pivot Blocker.

Any Skaters who are usually not fully on the monitor on the Jam-Beginning Whistle might not take part within the Jam, and thus don’t depend towards these limits.

Skaters serving penalties (in, or on their method to, the Penalty Field) are counted towards these limits. Groups should area at the very least one Blocker who will not be serving a penalty. Skaters might not change positions throughout a Jam, besides within the case of a Star Cross (see beneath).

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When a Jam begins

the Jammers should be concerning or behind the Jammer Line. All Blockers should be behind the Pivot Line, forward of the Jammer Line.

and all Non-Pivot Blockers should not be touching the Pivot Line.

If both Pivot is positioned touching the Pivot Line on the Jam’s begin, all Non-Pivot Blockers should be behind that Pivot’s hips.

Any Skaters who’re fully on the monitor, however partially illegally positioned (for instance, a Jammer who’s touching previous the Jammer Line) .

are required to yield their place to all different Skaters within the quick neighborhood.

Any Skaters who’re wholly illegally positioned are instantly penalized. Blockers who’re required to yield are usually not thought of for Pack definition till they’ve executed so.

Jammers who’re required to yield can not earn passes till they’ve executed so.

2.2.1. Jammers

The Jammer is denoted because the Skater in seen possession of the Jammer helmet cowl (a.okay.a. the Star) at first of the Jam.

If a Skater is serving a penalty as their staff’s Jammer, no teammate might start the Jam in possession of the Star or behind the Jammer Line.

If there may be neither a Skater serving a penalty because the Jammer nor a Skater with a visual Star, then the staff has didn’t area a Jammer for the upcoming Jam and will likely be penalized accordingly.

Except they’re serving a penalty

the Jammer should begin the Jam on or behind the Jammer Line. Jammers could also be stopped or coasting, however is probably not actively gaining pace within the counterclockwise course on the Jam-Beginning Whistle.

The Star might solely be carried by the Jammer sporting it on their helmet.

or by that staff’s Jammer or Pivot holding it of their grasp.

Different Skaters might not management the Star, and the Jammer and Pivot might not conceal the Star (examples embrace placing it in a pocket or hiding it in a uniform).

2.2.2. Lead Jammer

The Lead Jammer is the primary Jammer who establishes a superior place to the foremost in-play Blocker, having already earned a cross on all Blockers excluding these forward of the Engagement Zone (see Part 2.5). When one Jammer is decided to be the Lead Jammer, that is indicated by two quick whistle blasts.

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A Jammer turns into ineligible to earn Lead throughout a Jam in the event that they commit a penalty throughout that Jam, exit the entrance of the Engagement Zone with out having earned Lead, take away their helmet cowl, or have their helmet cowl eliminated by a teammate.

If each Jammers qualify for Lead on the similar second (for instance, the foremost Blocker goes out of play).

the foremost Jammer at that second will likely be declared Lead. Solely Skaters who start the Jam as Jammers might turn out to be Lead (so a Pivot who receives the Star can not turn out to be Lead).

The Lead Jammer will lose their Lead Jammer standing in the event that they commit a penalty, deliberately take away the Star as soon as it’s on, or have the Star deliberately faraway from their head by a teammate.

2.2.3. Pivot Blocker

The Pivot is a Blocker, and is denoted because the Skater in possession of the Pivot helmet cowl (a.okay.a. the Stripe) on the Jam-Beginning Whistle. The Pivot sporting the Stripe with the stripe exhibiting has a number of further skills that different Blockers don’t.’

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