What does “I’ll be here all week!…Try the veal!” mean?

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Yeah I heard it in Shrek and one other jousting sort film with the late nice Heath Ledger. What does this imply? The place did it come from initially?

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  • It is a cliche on what arise comedians would say – alongside the identical strains as

    “Thanks for coming, I will be right here all week, you should definitely tip the waitress”

    Some variation thereof

  • Think about your self in a resort within the Catskills Mountains, circa 1955-ish…lounge act comic is bombing, and tells a horrible joke. Glasses and plates clink via the silence, waiters saunter via the room, embarassed for the comedian, dying onstage on the different finish of the room. He tugs at his collar, ala the late, nice Rodney Dangerfield, and he quips, “I ll be right here all week, of us. Strive the veal.” In different phrases, he s making a self-deprecating joke that it s gonna be a protracted evening, week, no matter size of time it takes for him to maneuver alongside to his subsequent gig. He is aware of he stinks, however it s a residing. He take the chance to encourage the gang to “strive the veal,” which means, for those who don t like me, you may think about no less than not taking out your disappointment or anger at losing your time listening to him on the proprietor of the institution. Have some dinner and neglect about me. It s deflection, redirection, meant to curry no less than a bit of favor/pity in gentle of a horrible state of affairs. That s what it “means.”

  • Strive The Veal

  • So whereas the preliminary reply was right – Brenda requested for additional clarification. It’s a cliche, as Pip mentioned. It’s often said after somebody says a corny joke or pun.

    So, an individual provides a pun or corny reply to one thing, is met with groans after which says “I will be right here all week!… Strive the veal.” as if he/she had been a stand-up comedian.

  • For the most effective solutions, search on this web site https://shorturl.im/FnnKG

    it means “i am going to discuss to you later” or it is also “i am going to let you already know” or “i am going to name you/contact you”

  • Sure, it signifies that…however what does it imply!?

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