What does FGP stand for in medical terms?

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FGP stands for Household Group Observe (medical care)

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Furthermore, what does FGP stand for?


Acronym Definition
FGP Foster Grandparent Program
FGP Meals Information Pyramid
FGP Household Group Observe (medical care)
FGP Finance and Common Function Committee (varied organizations)

Additionally Know, what does FBS stand for in medical phrases? FBS. Abbreviation for fasting blood sugar.

Additionally to know is, what does FTP stand for in medical phrases?

FTP in Medical

FTP Full-term being pregnant
FTP Failure to Progress hospital, remedy, remedy
FTP Fellowship Coaching Program illness, know-how
FTP File Switch Protocol laptop, know-how, enterprise
FTP file switch protocol [sending and receiving files from remote computers on the Internet] medication, well being, biology

What does FGP Medical Assistant imply?

Job Duties: Help with blood assortment/phlebotomy as wanted. Help with sustaining affected person circulation to and from examination rooms and remedy areas. Assists in escorting sufferers and specimens all through the ability.

What’s FTP stand for?

File Switch Protocol

What does FTP imply in slang?

File Switch Protocol

What does FTP imply in biking?

Purposeful Threshold Energy

What’s the which means of Craniectomy?

Decompressive craniectomy (crani- + -ectomy) is a neurosurgical process during which a part of the cranium is eliminated to permit a swelling mind room to increase with out being squeezed. It’s carried out on victims of traumatic mind harm, stroke and different circumstances related to raised intracranial strain.

What’s FTP in being pregnant?

Failure to progress (FTP) occurs when labor slows and delays supply of the infant. Earlier than labor begins, the cervix thins out and begins to open. With FTP, this may occasionally not occur.

What does N V imply in medical phrases?

N/V: Nausea or vomiting.

What does FB imply Instagram?

FB means “observe again”, as in “in the event you observe me, I’ll observe you in return.” Noticing a sample right here? 4. First. I initially assumed I used to be hip and funky sufficient to grasp that when individuals remark “first” on an Instagram put up, it means they have been the primary individual to remark and so they wished that truth to be identified.

What does F B imply?

FB. Use FB in a sentence. abbreviation. FB is outlined as an abbreviation for Fb, a social networking web site. An instance of FB is the means you discuss Fb on Twitter, utilizing the hashtag #fb.

What’s the full type of FPS?

frames per second

What does FB imply on Snapchat?

Immediately, Fb introduced that it is launching Fb Snapchat. Sorry—I imply Fb Digital camera. A perform of the social community’s most important app, Digital camera permits customers to put up pictures and brief movies (replete with filters and foolish drawings) that seem on the prime of their connections’ newsfeeds, and disappear after 24 hours.

What’s FSP medical?

A Purposeful Service Supplier (FSP) gives a wide range of scientific trial companies on an “a-la-carte” sort foundation – versus a full suite of companies. This permits massive Pharmaceutical firms to outsource solely what they should match their funds (and different elements).

What does FWB imply in a textual content?

mates with advantages

What’s an FCS college?

The FCS is the opposite subdivision of NCAA’s Division I. It stands for Soccer Championship Subdivision and was generally known as Division I-AA from 1978-2005. The principle distinction between FBS and FCS is how a ultimate winner is set. These FCS faculties often play 11-game schedules whereas FBS packages play 12 every.

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