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Authorization hint is especially carried out to determine and file the lacking entry towards the person entry. Tracing helps when the default authorization values are saved in Tcodes like SU22 and SU24 and when sustaining the identical authorization information for roles. Traces are of principally of varieties, they are often both system-wide or restricted to a particular person or occasion. Tracing might be executed for trouble- taking pictures, particularly for lacking entry in SAP GUI by validating the entry offered to the SAP Person ID. This text majorly describes tips on how to carry out tracing in R/3, ECC and S/4 programs.

Customers & Entry

For delivering the day-to-day enterprise necessities in SAP, customers require ID and password to login. The forms of customers that login to SAP are categorized as follows:

  • Technical Customers equivalent to ABAPer or Foundation/Safety personnel
  • Practical Customers for configuring and offering purposeful help
  • Enterprise Customers who’re precise enterprise customers working within the front-end

Every SAP ID wants entry & authorization to ship the duties allotted to the designated person to run the each day enterprise. In the course of the job deliverables, customers face authorization points, which could possibly be as a result of entry restricted to a sure stage or no entry in any respect. In such situations, by offering entry to lacking authorizations, the difficulty might be resolved. However, how do we discover the precise entry that’s lacking for a particular person?

Tracing & Figuring out Lacking Entry by Tracing Instruments (Tcodes)

Tracing Lacking Entry: Identifies the lacking entry via tracing instruments and gives lacking entry to the Person ID.

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SU53: Authorization examine data the failed authorization objects towards its worth.

Word – Profitable transactions will not be recorded in SU53.

The above screenshot refers back to the lacking objects and their values. Authorization object T_Admin refers to lacking values H1 for discipline ACTVT. On this case, Person ID is lacking with the values as proven and SU53 data the worth which isn’t assigned in SU56 (person buffer).

Tips on how to consider lacking entry from SU53 screenshot?

  • Be sure that the lacking entry is evaluated towards the best Person ID.
  • Request the person to share the newest screenshot to judge (examine for the date and time).
  • Make it possible for the knowledge shared is about the best system, consumer and occasion.

As soon as the required entry is recognized, the system (SUIM) is analyzed for roles associated to lacking entry and entry with approvals is assigned.

If the evaluation via SU53 doesn’t work, lacking entry might be traced via ST01.

ST01: Refers to System Hint, which is an instance-specific hint.

In few instances, the customers face important authorization errors, which aren’t captured thorough SU53. Such sort of errors might be traced via ST01.

ST01 → Common Filters → Hint for person solely → Hint on → Examine with person to duplicate the steps → Hint off → Evaluation

Navigate to ST01 Tcode and go for the kind of hint part (on this state of affairs, it’s Authorization Examine). Choose common filters to decide on the hint sort (hint for person solely), enter Person ID – whose entry is lacking, provoke the hint and instruct the person to duplicate the steps. Upon completion, flip the hint off and analyze the outcomes.

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Analyzing Hint: As soon as the person has replicated the steps, flip the hint off and click on on “Evaluation” as proven within the above screenshot.

Key within the username and the choose Authorization Examine (All: for each recorded consequence, Error: for less than recorded errors) and execute.

Return codes

  • RC 0 = No points with the authorization.
  • RC 04 = Person has the required Authorization Object, however worth/exercise is lacking.
  • RC 12 = Person doesn’t have required authorization object(s) and its worth.

Errors RC 04 and RC 12 should be labored on.

Aside from the authorization examine, system hint will also be set for tracing the beneath parts:

  • Kernel features
  • Common kernel
  • DB entry (SQL Hint)
  • Desk buffer hint
  • RFC calls
  • HTTP calls
  • APC & AMC calls
  • Lock Operations

As a way to hint both a particular part or a number of parts collectively, flag the part and supply the Person ID for user-specific tracing.

Tracing might be carried out particular to any course of, person, transaction or program, which might be chosen via Common Filters.

Word – Not like SU53, ST01 captures profitable transactions equivalent to RC=0.

STAUTHTRACE: It is a system-wide hint to hint from all of the accessible software servers at a given time with choices for filtering particular to person or software. Simply as in ST01, we now have an possibility accessible in STAUTHTRACE to decide on between native hint and system-wide hint.

System-wide hint: Permits us to hint throughout the system and isn’t restricted to a particular occasion.

Native Hint: Permits us to hint particular to an occasion. Choose the choice from the listing of obtainable servers and activate the hint.

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‘Hint for errors solely’ possibility is out there for system-wide hint in addition to for native hint.

Activating the hint:

  • Navigate to STAUTHTRACE.
  • Choose the kind of hint (system-wide or native).
  • Fill within the required fields, equivalent to:
    • Hint for person solely (single or a number of customers)
    • Hint for errors solely (primarily based on the requirement)
    • Restrictions for the evaluations (if required)
  • Activate the hint.
  • Deactivate the hint as soon as the person has replicated the steps.
  • Consider the outcomes for lacking Tcodes or objects or values.

Lacking Hint display for STAUTHTRACE resemble ST01 web page, in comparison with ST01 few extra choices can be found in STAUTHTRACE, equivalent to Person Buffer, CDS Entry Management, Person Icon (sixth icon from the left within the hint outcomes display) which navigates to SU01 in show mode.

Tip to Export and Consider

SAP gives the “Export” choice to obtain & consider the hint outcomes to the system folder. Nonetheless, to carry out the hint, Person ID needs to be assigned together with the required authorizations.

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