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This doc explains the settings for companion willpower within the vendor grasp. While you create a enterprise companion, assign knowledge to an account group. An account group decides the enterprise companion. Companion roles refered as companion features. Numerous companion roles could be saved in vendor grasp like Payee , Invoicing occasion , Items Provider and Ordering Handle and many others.

Associated notes :

938652 : PI companion Pur.Org.Information not related for Companion Willpower

673062 : Companion willpower selects blockd/deleted companions

542645 : ME22N : No companion willpower when checking/saving PO

431351 : ME22N : Change PO , no new companion willpower

420058 : ME21N error ME366 after altering the doc sort

407600 : Message willpower of companions in STO

401734 : ME21N  STO , companions disappear

394091 : Companions will not be transferred from vendor grasp

376319 : ME21N companion from reference doc not discovered

117537 : ME27 : No companion willpower w.inventory transp.orders


OSS Be aware 459350 – FAQ : Companion willpower in buying

Data :

Some companion roles are predefined in SAP :

*Vendor (VN) , Ordering deal with (OA) , Invoicing occasion (IP) , Totally different payee (AZ), Contact individual (CP), Worker accountable (ER) , Intrastat  declaration (GS )

Intrastat declaration : Intrastat is the system for gathering info and producing statistics on the commerce in items between nations of the European Union (EU)

Helped : INTRASTAT Processing in Buying – Supplies Administration (MM) – SAP Library

Companion willpower can be utilized for price willpower, message willpower, deal with willpower, statistics. For those who outline plenty of companion roles, you’ll be able to choose one in every of them like a default. When somebody creates a buying doc, default worth is seen within the listing.

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To make use of companion willpower , you’ll need to outline a companion schema for buying doc. While you outline schemas, the beforehand created companion roles are assigned to the schema. If account group is assigned a companion schema, sap checks whether or not the function you enter in schema or not. You possibly can obtain a error message, if sap doesn’t discover associated function.

1- Outline Companion Schemas :

SPRO / Supplies Administration / Buying / Companion Willpower / Companion Settings in Buying Paperwork / Outline Companion Schemas

Choose companion schema 0002 and select Companion Capabilities beneath the Process node within the Dialog Construction tree.




      No change indicator : If you wish to stop modifications in companion outlined within the vendor grasp file and stop deleting companion roles, it’s set.

      Necessary indicator : Whether or not a companion function is necessary in a vendor grasp or PO.

      Larger degree indicator : If companion function doesn’t been present in plant or sub-range degree, sap seems for companion function at buying group degree. Hpwever, greater degree is used technique of computerized creation PO.

     Finish indicator : Whether it is set , companion function is defaulted from vendor grasp when doc is saved or checked. It’s helpful when totally different knowledge is added within the vendor on the plant/vendor subrange. Whether or not all objects comprise similar plant or subrange. Invoicing events will not be determinated till finish of doc course of PO so finish incator would possibly change it.

2- Outline Settings for Vendor Grasp Data :

Firstly , configure your ‘Vendor Account Group’ for Companion willpower process.

SPRO / Logistics – Basic / Enterprise Companion / Distributors / Management / Outline Account Teams and Area Choice (Vendor)

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     How can i choose L1 companion schema for Buying group ?

     Spro/ Mm / Buying / Companion willpower / Companion Settings in Vendor Grasp Report

     Firstly , outline companion roles.

     Secondly , Assign Companion Schemas to Account Teams .


3- Message Willpower :

– Decide companion schema for account group.

– Ordering deal with companion function (OA) have to be maintained. The function is allowed for account group.

– Verify whether or not companion schema is used to find out companion roles for buying doc sort.

Output a message to  this companion , it is advisable create a message situation file in buying grasp knowledge. MN04 will assist you to.

Firstly, determine output sort , after that specify dependent info for message willpower.

Associated topics :

You possibly can enter various freight vendor for deliberate supply prices whenever you put up an excellent receipt.

M8 / 776 (IP should have allowed in companion function) and 777 (IP has companion function in Buy Order) system messagesverify companion roles as quickly as bill verification. They are often configurated as a warning or error.

Configuration steps:

Entry Sequences

SPRO > Materials Administration> Buying > Message > Output Management>Entry Sequences>Outline Situation Desk for Buy Order

Message Kind

SPRO-> Materials Administration> Buying > Message > Output Management>Message Sorts>Outline Message Kind for Buy Order

Message Willpower Schemas

1. Message Willpower Schemas

SPRO> Materials Administration> Buying > Message > Output Management > Message Schema >Outline Message Schema for Buy Order > Preserve Message Willpower Schema

2. Assign Schema to Buy Order

SPRO-> Materials Administration> Buying > Message > Output Management >Message Schema >Outline Message Schema for Buy Order> Assign Schema to Buy Order

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Companion Roles per Message Kind

SPRO > Materials Administration> Buying > Message > Output Management > Companion Roles per Message Kind >Outline Companion Function for Buy Order

**Situation Report

SAP Straightforward Entry Menu > Logistics > Materials Administration > Buying > Grasp knowledge >Messages > Buy Order> MN04-> Create

Now you create PO (ME21N) and put it aside.

4- Allowed companion roles

You are able to do with Account group : Area reference , Permitted companion roles

After that specify companion function VN is allowed for account group ZVMU.

SPRO / Supplies Administration / Buying / Companion Willpower / Companion Roles / Outline Permissible Companion Roles per Account Group


Spro / MM / Companion Willpower / Companion Settings in Buying Paperwork / Assign Companion Schemas to Doc Sorts

*** Additionally , you’ll be able to assign to UB doc sort for STO.


5- Vendor settings and an instance for price willpower

As an example , i used a vendor grasp ‘T-K55001’ additionally i maintained Companion Perform datas in grasp knowledge.

DP : Default companion


I set a reduction for Invoicing occasion. MEKJ tcode will assist us.


If a companion function is discovered on the finish, the system doesn’t replace the costs.

I created a PO to Vendor , however low cost is implementable for Invoicing Social gathering.


     Due to Mr.Jurgen for his beneficial suggestions.


     M.Ozgur Unal

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