Logistics(LO) Extraction with ODP Framework

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Step-by-step information  to extract LO extraction by means of ODP in SAP BW/HANA Database.

Operational Knowledge Provisioning gives a technical infrastructure that you should utilize to help two totally different utility situations. The primary of those is operational analytics for resolution making in operative enterprise processes. The opposite is information extraction and replication.

Within the BW context, there are three situations. To start with ODP is used as new extraction framework within the SAP Enterprise Suite for BW Extractors. The general extraction framework continues to be the identical as earlier than. Principally the brand new Operational Delta Queue (ODQ) comes right here to play that gives a greater possibility of creating delta extraction into BW.

The second state of affairs is the place information from a supply system is actual time replicated through SLT. Inside SLT, ODQ may be established as nicely that then feeds into BW both through BW’s close to real-time daemon (RDA) or into an Data supplier through a DTP.

The third state of affairs is for analytical reporting on high of ODP Suppliers. This leverages the Embedded BW in a Enterprise Suite system.

The primary benefit of ODP in BW is, it permits to skip the PSA layer and cargo instantly with DTP from the supply system into BW.

  • Steps to extract LO information with ODP framework.
  1. Test whether or not respective LO Datasource is ODP help or not.

Possibility 1:–Go to desk ROOSATTR, examine column EXPOSE_EXTERNAL needs to be ‘X’ for respective Datasource.

Possibility 2:– Observe an icon in RSA5 towards Datasource.

2.Activate Datasource 2LIS_11_VAHDR.

3.Go to LBWE , Inactive Datasource (2LIS_11_VAHDR) transfer required fields from              communication construction to extract construction

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4.Activate Datasource (2LIS_11_VAHDR) in LBWE.

5.Create supply system connection underneath ODP – SAP (Extractors) (With assist of BASIS Crew) and examine the connection.

6.Replicate and Activate Datasource 2LIS_11_VAHDR  into BW system.


7.Open Datasource,Go to Extraction tab and examine Adapter is ready to “Extraction from SAP System by ODP” (Whether it is clean go to alter mode and set Adapter property as proven beneath).

8.Create dataflow in BW system.

9. Open DTP and examine beneath parameters

  • Extraction Mode – Delta

When run 1st time it extracts all data from supply behaves like Init
When run 2nd time it extracts delta (new/modified) data

  • Knowledge Extraction is “Immediately from sourcesystem and PSA not used”.

(That is the most important benefit of utilizing ODP framework, we will keep away from PSA/ one layer in information warehousing and extract information instantly from Supply)

  • Test Adapter parameter “Extraction from SAP System by ODP”.

10.To extract historic information, Plan downtime in ECC.

11.Clear setup tables in LBWG

12.Go to OLI*BW and fill arrange tables.

13.Run DTP with extraction mode “Delta” ( 1st time it extracts information from setup desk).


Evaluate with setup desk data.

14. Go to t-code ODQMON (in ECC).

Can see Queue 2LIS_11_VAHDR. (Which acts additionally as delta queue much like RSA7).

15.Go into Queue 2LIS_11_VAHDR, Can see Subscriber (Goal system) and subscription (Respective DTP in BW/Goal system).

16.Click on on DTP, can see quantity rows transferred (12,885), measurement of information (3,813,960 bytes), Extraction mode kind (Preliminary Knowledge), Compression rate share.

Can discover ODQMON for different choices like change structure, Request choice and filters on different parameters.

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17. To examine delta performance, Created SO 4685 in VA01.

18.Run DTP with Extraction mode as Delta (that is 2nd time, it extracts delta data solely).


19.Test ADSO desk, as anticipated new file SO 4689  got here to BW.

Observations/Miscellaneous factors.

  1. We are able to examine all requests data in ODQMON.

Please examine beneath screenshot.

  • We are able to see Extraction mode (Init, delta, Full)
  • What number of requests moved to BW facet
  • Decrease time stamp, higher time stamp.

2.Go into Request, Please discover beneath screenshot.

  • We are able to see a variety of rows, measurement transferred to BW system (Right here it’s 1 file for delta) so just one row has been proven in delta queue.

3.Tips on how to run Restore full/selective full load in ODQ framework.

Fill arrange tables selectively for required data.
Create new DTP with extraction mode as ‘FULL’ and run new DTP.

4.If we delete information in BW goal object, Will queue shall be out there in ODQMON?

NO, should you delete information in BW goal, the respective queue shall be deleted in ODQMON as nicely.

5.Tips on how to run Init with out information switch?

In DTP Extraction tab, choose beneath Possibility. (Delta init with out information).

Extracted 0 data.

It creates Queue in ODQMON, additional Delta data shall be processed to BW system.

6.Tips on how to deal with error data with out PSA in ODQ framework?

If DTP fails with invalid data, it strikes to error stack.
Appropriate error data in error stack.
Create Error DTP and cargo to focus on.

7.What’s going to occur if delta request fails and the right way to extract?

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If you delete any delta request beneath pop up will come and provides data that ODQ supply has information just for restricted time technically that’s information retention interval.

8.The place to examine Dat retention interval?

Go to T-code ODQMON—GOTO – Reorganize delta queues.
Commonplace information retention time is 24 hrs.
Commonplace interval job scheduled day-after-day at 01:23:45 System time.

9.Can ODP be deployed in parallel with the normal delta queue method?

Sure, it’s doable however multiplies the info.

10.Ought to we alter to ODP primarily based extraction with all present extractors?

No, however contemplate ODP as framework for all of your future implementations of recent information flows into you BW system for ECC and SLT extraction

11.Can I modify the info within the ODQ instantly?

No, this could be one use case the place you’d nonetheless use a PSA desk in relation with ODP sources.

12.The place can I get solutions for  questions or necessities?◦

Please attain out to SAP  : odp.suggestions@sap.com



  • Sensible outcomes achieved with ODP framework implementation:


  • Runtime is diminished by greater than 50 % evaluate with common conventional method


  • Throughput of > 35 Mio data per hour is achieved w/o tuning (3 times parallel processing)


https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/show/BI/SLT+%7C+ODP+primarily based+Actual-time+Replication


https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/show/BI/Technical+Necessities+for+ODP+SLT+State of affairs+with+SAP+BW






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