How to use the Excel PRODUCT function


The Excel PRODUCT operate returns the product of numbers supplied as arguments. As a result of it might probably settle for a spread of cells as an argument, PRODUCT is beneficial when multiplying many cells collectively

The PRODUCT operate takes a number of arguments within the kind number1, number2, number3, and many others. as much as 255 whole. Arguments could be a hardcoded fixed, a cell reference, or a spread. All numbers within the arguments supplied are multiplied collectively. Empty cells and textual content values are ignored.


The PRODUCT operate returns the product of equipped arguments:

PRODUCT multiplies all numeric values collectively, so the next formulation are equal:

PRODUCT ignores textual content values and empty cells. The formulation under will return the identical end result with all cells have numeric values:

Nevertheless, the second system will return zero (0) if any cells are empty, and a #VALUE! error if any cells comprise textual content.


  • Numbers could be equipped individually or in ranges.
  • PRODUCT can settle for as much as 255 arguments whole.
  • Solely numbers within the array or reference are multiplied.
  • Empty cells, logical values, and textual content within the array or reference are ignored.
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