How to setup Cross System Object Lock (CSOL) when using enhanced retrofit


The cross-system object lock performance ensures that when an object is modified in a managed system, a lock entry is created for this object within the central SAP Resolution Supervisor system. Relying on the chosen battle evaluation situation, this lock entry prevents adjustments being made to this object by every other change (transport request). This is applicable to all managed programs and shoppers for which the cross-system lock has been activated.

As soon as the cross-system object lock has been activated, the system can detect conflicts between objects in transport requests which have the identical manufacturing system or the identical manufacturing shopper as their transport goal.

The which means of the cross system object lock perform is to guard your manufacturing system from “passing developments”.

Inside a Change Request Administration upkeep undertaking all adjustments (Regular, Preliminary, Pressing and Defect) will consolidate with the undertaking. Because the import methodology is IMPORT_PROJECT_ALL “passing developments” inside a undertaking can by no means occur.

An exception to that is that Preliminary Modifications & Pressing Modifications can go one another inside a undertaking. Subsequently using CSOL is critical to guard the PROD system from downgrades.

Additionally if a couple of undertaking is offered for a similar system panorama, CSOL can defend the PROD system from downgrades.

Automated Categorization of Objects to retrofit (Auto Import, Retrofit and Guide) is predicated on the Cross System Object Lock entries in Resolution Supervisor
If the Enhanced Retrofit perform doesn’t detect a Cross System Object Lock entry for an object of a transport requests that needs to be retrofitted, the item can be flagged as Auto Import object.

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A change to object A is carried out within the DEV system. This variation is recorded within the CSOL desk of Resolution Supervisor. Now it occurs that within the PRD system a repair is required. The repair can be carried out within the MAINT system and has to alter object A as properly. Because the CSOL entry blocks the second change (repair) of object A the one resolution to go on is to delete the CSOL entry because the repair is critical to unravel the problem in PRD.

If now the transport request in MAINT is launched and the retrofit categorization is calculated the retrofit is not going to detect an entry for object A and subsequently calculate a inexperienced case.

If now retrofit is carried out the model of object A within the DEV system is overwritten!

How can we keep away from this habits?

You possibly can customise how CSOL shall behave.

One can find default mode and professional customizing.

We might want to use the “professional” customizing because the default mode doesn’t defend you 100% from the problem described above.

csol cust.jpg

The “Venture Relation” customizing is vital for the improved retrofit situation. In default it’s set to “cross” which implies conflicts from completely different initiatives in addition to conflicts throughout the identical undertaking will cease the method.

What we need to keep away from is strictly that conflicts from completely different initiatives will finish in a termination of the method. Subsequently the undertaking relation must be set to “Particular”. Which means solely conflicts throughout the identical undertaking will end in a termination and for various undertaking will solely seem as warning.

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The opposite settings don’t affect the improved retrofit habits, so Change sort relation and object sort might be set nevertheless you want. Nevertheless it’s essential that the undertaking relation is simply set to “particular” within the case you’ve the improved retrofit situation energetic in your panorama.

One exception comes if you happen to can for positive exclude Upkeep initiatives within the DEV panorama. On this case pressing adjustments can’t be created (that is solely allowed when utilizing upkeep initiatives) which implies the default mode comes again into the play once more.

Additionally doable is the warning solely setting which leads to that every one conflicts will ever be detected as warning solely and the method is rarely terminated.

On this case it’s essential to additionally activate the downgrade safety (DGP). This may make sure that if you happen to get a warning in CSOL you possibly can nonetheless not get passing developments because it checks once more for launch and each import.

So with these allowed settings you’ll by no means must delete an entry from the CSOL listing due to Pressing Modifications needing to be applied to PRD as quick as doable. Additionally in every other battle scenario you’ll by no means must delete entries from the CSOL listing to go on along with your course of.

Like this you’ll by no means get a unsuitable “inexperienced” retrofit categorization which is able to find yourself in an over write in DEV.


When utilizing enhanced retrofit in Resolution supervisor using cross system object lock is necessary for the right habits of the software.
You can not use the improved retrofit with out having CSOL setup and activated for the retrofit related initiatives.
With among the obtainable battle evaluation customizing settings in cross system object lock  the hazard of downgrading your Implementation work seems.

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When utilizing the improved retrofit, you need to solely use undertaking relation “particular” . Any “cross-project” setting just isn’t allowed, as a result of a terminating cross system object battle would require the deletion of the corresponding lock entry. However that lock entry is required for the right  evaluation of the improved retrofit.


When utilizing the improved retrofit situation be certain your CSOL customizing is about to “particular” from the undertaking relation standpoint.

Additionally “warning solely” is a legitimate setup if on prime DGP is activated. The default mode can be legitimate for the improved retrofit situation when it’s ensured that no Pressing adjustments can ever be created within the implementation panorama (DEV).

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