How to Restart Pokemon Sun & Moon in 2022 [in 5 Seconds]


If you’re taking part in pokemon solar and pokemon moon in your Nintendo 3DS, you might need recognized by now that;

The sport permits you to have just one energetic save file at a time.

So, for those who by accident clicked on the improper language or supplied an incorrect identify, you could restart the sport.

How one can Restart Pokemon Solar and Moon?

To restart the pokemon solar sport on Nintendo 3DS, you could press UP+X+B collectively. Press the Button Mixture on the console in the course of the intro cutscene of the sport. This course of will skip the cutscene and permit you to delete the save file of the sport.

Maintain Studying, As I’m about to point out you how you can get shiny starter Pokemons by resetting Pokemon Solar and Moon.

So, let’s get began.reset-pokemon-sun

Why Restart Pokemon Solar?

You may wish to scrap the save file of pokemon Solar to modify characters or right the issues you first confronted whereas taking part in the sport. In the event you haven’t seen pokemon solar walkthrough, chances are high you’ll stroll apart, protecting the TMs unnoticed.

Or, you may miss out on the exp share merchandise.

In that case, restarting the sport and beginning a brand new journey may assist.

However wait.

Nintendo 3DS doesn’t enable to maintain a number of saved information without delay. The truth is, there isn’t any possibility to start out a brand new sport.

One other main purpose for resetting a pokemon sport is to decide on a brand new starter pokemon. Moreover, for those who miss out on catching a legendary pokemon and by accident saving the sport, you may wish to reset the sport and begin a brand new journey.

Most pokemon trainers don’t know how you can reset a pokemon sport as a result of there isn’t an possibility to start out a model new sport. In contrast to Pokemon Leaf Inexperienced, Emerald, Coronary heart Gold,  or Soul Silver, Pokemon Solar and Pokemon Moon don’t enable to delete a saved file straight.

As an alternative, you must use a mixture of keys to erase the saved file in your Nintendo 3DS.

It would really feel like you might be caught with no matter you could have.

There are a number of explanation why pokemon gamers begin over.

Listed here are some causes pokemon gamers reset their pokemon sport:

Do remember that you can not retrieve your deleted file when you reset Pokemon Moon & Pokemon Solar.

How one can Restart Pokemon Solar on Citra

In the event you don’t know, Citra is a 3DS emulator for taking part in Nintendo 3DS video games. On the Citra emulator, you may play pokemon solar as nicely.

You could ask:

How one can delete pokemon solar sport file on Citra?

Listed here are the steps to restart the pokemon Solar sport on Citra:

  1. Open the Citra Folder and Begin the emulator.
  2. Load the pokemon sport by which you wish to begin a brand new journey.
  3. Press the button B to return to the beginning display screen each time your saved file seems.
  4. Go to Emulation > Configure > Enter and set the keys in your Keyboard for X, B, UP. Don’t repeat the keys.
  5. Choose OK and Press the X+UP+B keys collectively each time the display screen reveals to Begin the Recreation.
  6. Shut the emulator each time the Purple Textual content Error pops up. Relaunch the emulator to start out a brand new sport.

How one can Begin a New Recreation in Pokemon Solar

Beginning a brand new sport in Pokemon Solar is straightforward if the appropriate mixture of keys.
Why am I saying a couple of mixture?

It’s since you received’t see a ‘New Recreation’ within the Principal Menu of the sport. You should reset the sport to start out over.

Listed here are the steps to start out a brand new sport in Pokemon Solar:

  1. Launch Pokemon Solar or Pokemon Moon.
  2. Press X, B, and UP Button (on the D-pad) collectively when the intro cutscene of the legendary pokemon pops up.erase-save-file-pokemon-sun
  3. Choose ‘Sure’ twice for the pop-up textual content, ‘Would you wish to delete all saved knowledge?’
  4. Affirm to erase all saved knowledge.

So, now you may not recuperate your saved knowledge and rapidly begin over a brand new journey in Pokemon Solar.

You may also ask:

How one can restart pokemon extremely solar?

You possibly can restart pokemon extremely solar on Nintendo 3DS by urgent the X+B+Up button on the D-pad collectively.

That is all about onerous resetting your pokemon Solar sport the place you’ll lose a save file.

In the event you don’t wish to lose the save file and nonetheless wish to restart the sport, you may carry out a delicate reset.

How one can Gentle Reset Pokemon Solar

If you’re a grasp of pokemon, what a delicate reset is. For many who don’t know;

What’s a delicate reset in pokemon?

Gentle Reset is a characteristic in Pokemon video games the place it includes holding sure buttons on the gaming console without delay. Gentle Resetting or SRing received’t delete your saved file. As an alternative, it’ll take you to the startup display screen. This characteristic is nice for looking shiny pokemons.

Most gamers use delicate reset to get Shiny Starters And Good Nature Legendaries. You have already got taken one of many pokemon solar starters by now.

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However what if I inform you that; you may get a shiny starter because the Pokemon Solar Finest Starter (a shiny Popplio or a shiny litten).

To delicate relaxation pokemon video games, it’s good to press an analogous button sample similar to you probably did in onerous resetting.

You could ask:

What number of occasions do you must delicate reset to get a shiny starter?

To extend the prospect of getting a shiny starter, you must carry out 1893 delicate resets. In a minute, you are able to do 3 delicate resets. So, roughly you will have 10 and a half hours to get a shiny starter.

Geez, that’s plenty of effort in getting a shiny.

However, yeah, it’s price it.


Does delicate resetting improve shiny probabilities?

Sure, you bought all of it proper. Gentle resetting is the strategy to extend the prospect of catching shinies.

And, Does delicate resetting harm your 3DS? No, a delicate reset received’t harm your 3DS.

How one can delicate reset a Pokemon sport in Nintendo 3DS?

Listed here are the steps to delicate reset Pokemon Solar:

  1. Save the at the moment taking part in Pokemon sport.
  2. Press L+R+SELECT, and the sport will delicate reset and produce you again to the primary menu.soft-reset-pokemon-sun-and-moon
  3. Proceed Enjoying the Recreation.

By SRing, you received’t lose your present progress, and you’ll begin your sport from the precise location you saved. This characteristic is incredible if you wish to improve the speed of catching shinies.

In the event you don’t have a 3DS and wish to play pokemon solar on the Desktop, obtain the Citra Emulator.

How do I delicate reset Citra?

Launch Citra and Go to Emulation > Cease and Relaunch the emulator.

PRO TIP: Shiny Popplio is the very best pokemon solar Starter you may get. What do you assume? Do let me know within the feedback down under.

How one can Delete a Save File in Pokemon Solar

For deleting a saved file in pokemon extremely solar it’s good to know how you can reset the pokemon video games in 3 DS.

Maintain the Up button (on the D-pad), X, and B without delay when the intro cutscene of the sport pops up. This may lead you to a textual content field saying, ‘Would you wish to delete all saved knowledge? , You can’t recuperate deleted knowledge, so, are you certain you wish to delete it?’. You possibly can click on both Sure or No relying in your preferences.

However don’t delete your saved file too usually. As a result of Pokemon Solar and Pokemon Moon are huge video games that want hours of gameplay to complete.

As an alternative, full the pokedex and end the adventures of the Alola area.

How one can Delete Pokemon Moon Save File

Does the identical rule apply for deleting Pokemon Moon or Pokemon Extremely Moon Save Information?

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Sure, after all. In Nintendo 3DS, most pokemon video games observe the identical guidelines in deleting saved information.

Press the X+UP+B button whereas the Legendary Pokemon LUNALA is proven within the intro cutscene. Double-press Sure to erase the save file. As soon as the saved file is erased, you may not retrieve it.

It could take explicit tries for some customers. However, in 99% of instances, customers can erase save information on 3DS this fashion.

Restarting the Pokemon Extremely Solar and Pokemon Extremely Moon isn’t any totally different from Pokemon Solar and Pokemon Moon. Simply recall the UP+X+B key mixture.

Are you able to get all 3 starters in Pokemon Solar?

Sure, you may get all three starters in Pokemon Solar when you’ve got 3 NDS’s. Commerce the starter pokemon in one of many three saved information and now you can full the Pokedex within the Alola Area and get the Certificates and Shiny Appeal.pokemon-sun-starters

What for those who don’t have 3 NDS’s?

Effectively, in that case, you must reset the Pokemon sport each time and commerce it with a buddy. After which restart Pokemon Solar and get again all of the starter pokemons out of your buddy.

Gentle reset pokemon solar to get a shiny starter. The possibility of getting a shiny is 1 out of 4,096.

So, yeah, 4096 resets and one shiny pokemon!


Query: Which Solar and Moon starter are the very best?

Reply: Popplio and Litten are thought-about the very best starter pokemons in pokemon solar and moon. Nonetheless, at first, it might sound troublesome to proceed the journey with litten.

Query: How one can Reset Pokemon Moon?

Reply: To reset pokemon moon, maintain the UP+X+B  buttons without delay on the 3DS and make sure to reset the sport. Nonetheless, you may delicate reset pokemon moon by urgent L+R+SELECT. This may show you how to improve the speed of getting a shiny pokemon.

Last Ideas

I’ve performed a  lot of pokemon video games. As pokemon video games have gotten an increasing number of lifelike, options of the video games change as nicely.

Whereas taking part in Pokemon Leaf Inexperienced, Pokemon Emerald in Nintendo GameBoy or PSP, you might need seen that the ‘New Recreation’ possibility pops up instantly after the cutscene finishes.

However in Nintendo 3DS, the case isn’t the identical. There isn’t any choice to delete a save file.

So, generally chances are you’ll really feel like you might be caught with what you could have within the sport. However don’t fear.  With the above-mentioned steps, you can begin a brand new sport in pokemon solar.

I  assume Primarina is the very best. Do point out your favourite starter Pokemon within the Alola area.

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