How to check and download all BC (Business Configuration) sets


Enterprise Configuration Set (BC Set)

Within the R/3 system from SAP, a Enterprise Configuration Set (BC Set) is a administration instrument that enables the consumer to report, save, and share personalized settings. By making a BC Set, the consumer is supplied with a snapshot of the personalized settings of a system that can be utilized afterward as a template; SAP additionally gives pre-packaged BC units designed for particular industries and purposes. BC Units are helpful as a result of they supply continuity and forestall undertaking staff members from overwriting one another’s settings.

Through the use of 2 T-CODES we will carry out all BC set actions.

  • SCPR3 – Show and Preserve BC units
  • SCPR20 – Activation of BC units
    • BC units can be utilized in group roll-outs the place the customization settings could be compiled for pilot and handed on in a structured option to different roll-out places.
    • SAP additionally gives Pre-packaged BC units for chosen trade sectors.
    • When BC Set is created, values from authentic customizing tables are copied into BC Set.
    • Once you activate this BC set in different system the values saved in BC units are copied to corresponding customizing tables of the system.

Forms of BC units:

  1. Easy BC Set – BC set incorporates knowledge from customizing desk rows and columns. There isn’t any limitation on the scale of BC set. BC set can comprise knowledge.
  2. Hierarchical BC Set – Hierarchical BC Set consists of different BC units which could be easy BC units or Hierarchical BC units. They symbolize Hierarchy.
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The right way to Test and Obtain All BC units:




System may prohibit the entries displayed, primarily based in your consumer setting. Refer beneath screenshot.

For altering the consumer setting, go to “Extra” on proper aspect and navigate utilities-> consumer setting


Reload all BC units to see all of the entries.

To activate the BC units we should always know the sequence. By the assistance of BASIS staff can activate BC units. Additionally BASIS can import of BC units from one atmosphere to a different.

BC units are hierarchical and that they had been accomplished manually, on condition that that is an Assemble to Order atmosphere.

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