How many grams are in a ” 15 sack” of weed?


I wish to know if its getting ripped for i believe it was 2.3 for 15 {dollars} does that sound correct???

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  • okay bro will depend on the sort of pot. if its a 15 sack, then its possible shwag. thats the place the nic, dime, 20 and all of the sacks got here from. the going rate for shwag is 2 bucks a gram. so you must have 7.5 geams. if its dro, it may very well be anyplace from 10 to 30 bucks a gram. rgz, or crap dro, is similar as shwag. if it has alot of red-orange hairs, is sticky, and you’ll see little white dots on it, then its good dro. you in all probability acquired ripped off if youre asking yahoo solutions, and that tells me your younger. im 14 and that i used to get ripped off on a regular basis, till i acquired sensible. get a scale and take it with you once you purchase subsequent.

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  • Sack Of Weed

  • 1 gram of weed is often 10 {dollars} so in case your getting 2.3 grams for 15 bucks i’d say its not that unhealthy of a deal however you will get higher

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