How long was Shelby in a coma in Steel Magnolias? |


10 months

Metal Magnolias is predicated on a real story. The screenwriter Robert Harling’s sister died of diabetic issues after giving start within the Eighties, shortly earlier than Harling composed the unique play and the movie script.Jul 15, 2019

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Additionally, What occurred to Susan Harling Robinson husband?

Susan Harling-Robinson was the inspiration for the play and film “Metal Magnolias”, written by her brother Robert Harling. The 32 12 months outdated Susan left behind her husband Dr Pat Robinson and their two-year-old son Robert after years of battling diabetes. … Robert Harling reveals: ‘Susan died within the fall of 1985.

Hereof, Was Shelby pregnant once more in Metal Magnolias?

Set in Louisiana, Metal Magnolias begins with the marriage of Roberts’s character, Shelby. The ceremony nearly doesn’t occur, as a result of her doctor has simply advised her she shouldn’t conceive to keep away from straining her broken kidneys, however her fiancé insists he loves her all the identical. Earlier than lengthy, Shelby turns into pregnant.Jul 15, 2019

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Is Candy Magnolias based mostly on a real story?

No, ‘Candy Magnolias’ isn’t based mostly on a real story. Actually, it’s based mostly on the novel of the identical identify by Sherryl Woods, with a complete of 11 books within the collection.Could 19, 2020

Likewise, Who does Shelby marry in Metal Magnolias?

Jackson Latcherie

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How old was Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias?

– The play has been translated into 17 completely different languages. – STEEL MAGNOLIAS was was a Hollywood blockbuster in 1989 and starred Sally Area, Dolly Parton, Shirley Maclaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis – and a younger and unknown Julia Roberts, then simply 19, who performed Shelby, the character based mostly on Susan.

Who was the baby in Steel Magnolias?

Actor Character
————— ———————————–
Tom Hodges Louie Jones
C. Houser Jackson Latcherie Jr. (1 12 months outdated)
Daniel Camp Jackson Latcherie Jr. (3 years outdated)
Norman Fletcher Mr. Latcherie Sr

Who won Oscars for Steel Magnolias?

Ten years later, Roberts gained an Oscar for her portrayal of authorized clerk and environmental activist Erin Brockovich. For entry to all our unique superstar movies and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube!Apr 26, 2013

What year is Steel Magnolias set in?

Metal Magnolias is a 1989 American comedy-drama movie directed by Herbert Ross. It’s a movie adaptation of Robert Harling’s 1987 play of the identical identify. The play and movie are in regards to the bond a bunch of ladies share in a small-town southern neighborhood, and the way they address the demise of one among their very own.

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What book is sweet magnolias based on?

Stealing Dwelling

Why was Julia Roberts not in the birthday scene in Steel Magnolias?

Sally Area and Shirley MacLaine stated in an interview that director Herbert Ross was very tough to work with, telling the primary lead actresses they couldn’t act, and singling out Julia Roberts particularly, to the purpose that she can be left in tears.

Was there a sequel to Steel Magnolias?

Metal Magnolias 2 Introduced – One Lady’s Battle with Strawn’s-Induced Diabetes. [Editor’s note: Spoilers for an old movie ahead.]Sep 20, 2017

What did Shelby have in Steel Magnolias?

(if you happen to learn the put up title)… the film Metal Magnolias. It’s the 1989 movie through which Julia Roberts performs Shelby, a younger lady with sort 1 diabetes, who’s coping with household stresses alongside issues in the usMay 17, 2019

What happens to Shelby in Steel Magnolias?

Shortly after present process a kidney transplant, she’s discovered unconscious at dwelling and later dies within the hospital with M’Lynn at her facet.Jul 15, 2019

How old is Shelby supposed to be in Steel Magnolias?


How old was Shirley MacLaine in Steel Magnolias?

Metal Magnolias, based mostly on the 1987 play of the identical identify, explored the relationships and sisterhood of a bunch of ladies in a small Southern neighborhood. MacLaine, 85, performed Louisa “Ouiser” Boudreaux, the grouchy one of many group with a hardened coronary heart of gold.Could 19, 2019

What is the setting of Steel Magnolias?

Natchitoches, Louisiana

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