How do I convert 0.510 in/ms to km/hr ?

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How do I convert 0.510 in/ms to km/hr ?

Assist meeeeee.

Please and thanks.



5 Solutions

  • 0.510 in/ms instances 1000 ms / s = 510 in/s

    510 in/s instances 3600 s/hr = 1836000 in/hr

    1836000 in/hr instances 2.54 cm/inch = 4663440 cm/hr

    4663440 cm/hr instances 1 km / 10^5 cm = 46.6344 km/hr

    Spherical to 3 sig figs:

    46.6 km/hr

    Remark: Zorro appears to not remember that the image for microseconds can be μs. Greek letters, how do they work?

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  • Science Spot Metric Mania

  • what’s ms? micro seconds or milli seconds?


    properly first I’d convert from millisecond to second to hour

    then in to toes to meter to kilometer

  • Metric mania web site has conversion formulation, by Trimpe

  • go to unit conversions. com good web site for changing nearly all items

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