GST(Goods and Service Tax) India Solution


The Authorities of India is planning to roll out GST from 1st of July, 2017 as per the most recent replace.

Based mostly on the draft Mannequin GST legislation SAP has began releasing Notes for DDIC modifications, Display screen Adjustments, Grasp Knowledge and transaction knowledge.

The proposed GST India Improvement roadmap is on the market within the GST JAM web page – material?folder_id=T6F5GbeIJsnV4E2glGOVPx

To get entry to this SAP Jam group, please ship a request to Don’t request through the remark perform on this weblog and don’t publish any personal info (like e mail addresses and S-Person info).

The notice incorporates info primarily based on the Mannequin GST legislation at the moment accessible in public area. The data supplied is topic to alter with out prior discover attributable to components outdoors/past the management of SAP. This model of the notice incorporates a smooth swap which clients want to switch with a view to check of their techniques (discuss with SAP Notice 2417506 for extra particulars). Because the new guidelines are usually not but out as notifications, SAP recommends that you simply take authorized opinion, together with the documentation of the smooth swap offered, earlier than implementing these notes in your productive surroundings. SAP additionally suggests that you simply carry out an evaluation on the dangers concerned earlier than implementing this notice.

As soon as the ultimate GST legislation and guidelines can be found, SAP will launch additional corrections (if relevant) through new notes.


Check with the beneath SAP notice for info on GST conditions
Minimal Help Pack degree and tax process required is TAXINN.
2315692 – Info on GST


The checklist of SAP Notes for GST answer and the order wherein they need to be utilized are beneath and can be up to date as and when there’s a new notice released-

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1. 2405502  GST India – Adjustments to Grasp data- DDIC actions :

2. 2385575  GST India – Adjustments to Grasp knowledge :

3. 2407980  GST India – Adjustments to tax process and pricing process :

4. 2415115  GST India – Adjustments to Transaction data- Knowledge Dictionary actions

5. 2417506  GST India –  Utilities :

6. 2376723 GST IN: BAdI definition for display enhancement in Take pleasure in transactions of FI and MM

7. 2378678 GST IN: BAdI implementation in Take pleasure in transactions of FI and MM

8. 2419214 GST IN: Adjustments to MIRO Bill merchandise degree display

9. 2419215 GST IN: Adjustments for FI Bill merchandise degree display

10. 2410105 Gross sales associated modifications for India GST for gross sales order creation and Bill posting

11. 2410917  Activating Line merchandise smart tax calculation for posting GST related billing docu :

12. 2416018 GST India: Inventory Switch

13. 2386062 India GST: GSP and ASP :

14. 2405801  FAQ on Items and Providers Tax (GST) :

15. 2433488 – FAQ on SAP ASP – GST Digital Compliance Service for India

16. 2444868 – GST India: Exterior Service Administration

17.  2382903 – GST IN:Defaulting No excise entry for GST materials in excise tab in transaction – MIGO whereas doing items receipt

18. 2434518- Disabling excise bill creation in background in tcode – VF01 for GST materials

19. 2458404 – GST India: Import

20.2482200 – GST India –  DDIC exercise and configurations for GST compensation CESS

21. 2482349 – GST IN : Reverse Cost Configuration

22. 2482854 GST: Bill Type

23. 2484361 GST IN: Knowledge Dictionary Adjustments for Subcontracting/Jobwork

24. 2483852 GST IN: Subcontracting course of /Jobwork

25. 2487373 – GST India: Tax Deduction at Supply (TDS)

26. 2487589 – GST India: Knowledge Dictionary Actions for Official Doc Numbering

27.2472623 – GST India: Official Doc Numbering

28. 2489866 – GST India: Official Doc Numbering ->SAP_APPL: 606 SP (17,18 & 19)


29.2483103 – GST India: Enter Tax Credit score Reversals and Re-credit – DDIC actions

30. 2490051 – GST India: Enter Tax Credit score Reversals and Re-credit Program modifications

31. 2490434 – GST India: Corrections to Official Doc Numbering Answer

32. 2483086- GST IN: Down Cost OR Advance fee modifications for India GST

33. 24488563 GST IN: STO Corrections (SAP_APPL 600, 602 and 603 solely)

34. 2486450 GST IN: Corrections and Enhancements to Notice 2416018

35. 2491302 GST India: Import Cess

Supporting KBAs:

Discover beneath the checklist of Data Base Articles(KBAs) which is able to help in case there’s any issue in creating the DDIC objects or organising Grasp Knowledge or making use of any of the above Notes.

1. 2410053 Management Code and GST Vendor Classification fields not accessible in Area catalo

2. 2412663 Error- Choose a doc subject for XXXX happens, VT510

3. 2417939 GST Vendor classification challenge in FV11

4. 2418631 Points whereas making use of GST India SAP notice 2415115

5. 2419803 GST India GSTIN not updating/saving in Enterprise place view

6. 2456575 – GST IN: New GST fields not seen in MIRO/FB60 tcodes

7. 2431425  GST IN: Error 00002 Enter a sound worth, J_1IEXCDEFN

8. 2433412 – GST IN: J_1I_CUSTOMS Knowledge factor definition lacking

9. 2413682 GST India: Lacking Objects when Implementing SAP Notes 2405502 and 2415115

10. 2420891 GST India: Upkeep of Enterprise Place smart GL Willpower

11. 2428298 Management code not fetched for situation report – TAXINN

12. 2430349 GST India: Upkeep of HSN/SAC Codes

13. 2435176 GST IN: J_1IG_INV offers dump for FM J_1IG_GET_PLANT_DETAILS

14. 2438376  GST IN: FF713 Tax code XX nation IN doesn’t exist in process XXXX

15. 2446764 – GST IN: Error throughout GUI standing J_1IG_STO_STAT creation

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16. 2458686 – GST – MIRO – HSN code description will get up to date relatively than the code when chosen from F4 Assist

17. 2435112  GST – STO – Error in transaction code J_1IG_INV

18. 2460798 GST IN: STO Configuration for GST and Inventory Switch Course of

19. 2459388 GST IN: Tax quantity 3 subject not seen in XD01/XK01

20. 2469505 – GST IN: SAC code not updating in MIRO for Service PO

21.2475533 – GST IN: Assessable worth subject in MIRO shouldn’t be editable

22. 2468361 – GST IN: Taxes Tab hidden in service line merchandise

23. 2476293 – GST IN: Excise tab and No excise entry in MIGO

24.  2479100 – GST IN: Enterprise space and Revenue heart error in J_1IG_INV

25.2483249 – GST IN: FB60/FB70 not working for MM/SD entry sequence

26. 2459379 GST IN: BSEG desk not up to date with GST fields whereas releasing billing doc

27. 2490351 – GST IN: J1IGSUBCON tcode- Create challan possibility not seen

28. 2488559- GST IN: Tax Tariff code not seen in Service PO

29.2491783 – GST IN: India tab shouldn’t be seen in Buy Order

Additionally there’s an exterior GST Jam web site created for which all the shoppers who have gotten the invitation has the entry, the place the most recent updates and improvement on GST might be discovered.
The identical might be accessed through-

To get GST Jam web site, please write an e mail to –



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