GE microwave randomly loses power


2011 GE microwave will typically lose energy after use. If I unplug the ability and plug again in, it’ll often come again on. However typically even when it regains energy, the management panel buttons received’t work except the door is open. After resetting the time, it really works tremendous for some time.

I’ve already changed each thermal fuses and the management panel. Additionally, regardless of if the microwave is working or not working, in case you slam the door, the floor mild bulbs will flash.

I used to be now pondering of changing the door switches?

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Hello @jsas,

With the ability disconnected from the microwave and the excessive voltage capacitor discharged safely, be certain that all the door interlock switches, should not free after which use an Ohmmeter to test that they function accurately when the door is closed usually.

What’s the mannequin variety of the microwave oven?

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