Excel formula: Partial match with VLOOKUP

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On this instance, the objective is to retrieve worker data from a desk utilizing solely a partial match on the final identify. In different phrases, by typing “Aya” into cell H4, the formulation ought to retrieve details about Michael Ayala.

The VLOOKUP perform helps wildcards, which makes it doable to carry out a partial match on a lookup worth. As an illustration, you should utilize VLOOKUP to retrieve values from a desk primarily based on typing in solely a part of a lookup worth. To make use of wildcards with VLOOKUP, you have to specify actual match mode by offering FALSE or 0 (zero) for the final argument known as range_lookup.

On this instance, we use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard which matches zero or extra characters. To permit a partial match of the worth typed into H4, which is called “worth,” we provide a lookup worth to VLOOKUP like this:

worth&"*" // create lookup worth

This expression joins the textual content within the named vary worth with a wildcard utilizing the ampersand (&) to concatenate. If we kind a string like “Aya” into the named vary worth (H4), the result’s “Aya*”, which is returned on to VLOOKUP because the lookup worth. Inserting the wildcard on the finish leads to a “begins with” match. It will trigger VLOOKUP to match the primary entry in column B that begins with “Aya.”

Wildcard matching is handy as a result of you do not have to kind in a full identify, however you have to be cautious of duplicates or close to duplicates. For instance, the desk comprises each “Bailer” and a “Bailey,” so typing “Bai” into H4 will return solely the primary match (“Bailer”), regardless that there are two names that start with “Bai.”

Notice: in Excel 365, the FILTER perform can show all matches on the identical time.

Different columns

The formulation within the vary H7:H10 are very related; the one distinction is the column index:

=VLOOKUP(worth&"*",information,2,FALSE) // first
=VLOOKUP(worth&"*",information,1,FALSE) // final
=VLOOKUP(worth&"*",information,3,FALSE) // id
=VLOOKUP(worth&"*",information,4,FALSE) // dept

Accommodates kind match

For a “comprises kind” match, the place the search string can seem wherever within the lookup worth, you have to use two wildcards like this:


It will be a part of an asterisk to either side of the lookup worth in order that VLOOKUP will discover the primary match that comprises the textual content typed into H4.

Notice: you have to set actual match mode utilizing FALSE or 0 (zero) for the final argument in VLOOKUP when utilizing wildcards.

FILTER perform

In Excel 365, the brand new FILTER perform offers a extra highly effective approach to filter on partial matches.

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