Do you think Bill Goldberg took steroids?

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I cherished this man…adopted him since his debut in WCW. He was my favourite wrestler since. I do know that wrestling is scripted…so technically all of those matches and such are pre-determined as to who’s going to win. That is not one thing that’s deniable…proof is in every single place. So…for those who’re a kind of “goldberg was horrible, he could not do something, blah, blah, blah” folks…do not even go there. He made a LOT of cash in that enterprise. Wrestling is actual and folks do get harm in actuality. However I do know the matches are deliberate and the wins are deliberate…as a result of it is leisure. It’s, the truth is, a present…and I am cool with that.

Anyway…I do know that from a whole lot of wrestling interviews…many wrestlers have acknowledged simply how powerful it’s to ‘keep match/huge’ and the way there are like 100+ folks ready to take your home, for those who do not. So…in fact, a whole lot of wrestlers take steroids to heal from accidents extra rapidly, and many others.

In fact, apparently Goldberg’s final match was in both 2004 or 2005…cannot bear in mind. I do know that he’s an MMA announcer/commentator now. He purchased a $2 million $ home a number of years in the past, and owns like 20+ classic vehicles in nice form. I do know that he’s additionally little now…bodily. In actuality, he’s not 6’4…he’s apparently about 6’1.5 or 6’2. His weight was apparently 285/290ish in wrestling days, and he’s about 270ish now. He seems to be fairly small…and naturally, I do know that he is not understanding very a lot these days…and hasn’t for a while. Apart from the “Toe To Toe” issues which appear to be serving to him to get again into form. I do not know why he stopped understanding…he was in superior form and had nice dimension and energy.

However I noticed matches the place he actually army pressed folks like Scott Steiner. He picked up Massive Present for the Jackhammer in one in all his matches. Whatever the truth of whether or not Massive Present’s knees bent and apparently ‘jumped up’ to assist Goldberg decide him up…that is like 400+ kilos of great weight. He had t ɾąքҽ zius muscle groups that had been simply…outrageous, although they regarded fairly superior on him. lol Simply was questioning what everybody issues…whether or not he was on steroids or not. I do know in an interview sooner or later….he talked about that he ate about 12,000 energy a day.

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It is not a matter of whether or not he ‘cares’ about it or not. I am not wanting down on him or bashing him…although he would not wrestle anymore, he’ll at all times be my favourite wrestler from that point. He is doing effectively and has come alongside fairly effectively in life. Simply was questioning in regards to the time throughout wrestling.

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  • He was hench from his highschool days. You could possibly see him in his School soccer journes and he was huge in comparison with the others. He would not seem like the steroid sort. Often guys who take steroid acquire rather more definition. Like how Batista seems to be now. Goldberg wasn’t like that. Possibly he did however I would not have guessed that.

    Hench – Massive Shoulders, Large arms. Cumbersome principally

  • Invoice Goldberg Steroids

  • That is attending to be a critical joke. So now EVERYONE who has ever had something to do with wrestling has taken/is on steroids? These folks severely must shut their f*cking mouths until it has been reported as truth, & by the best way, wikipedia would not qualify as truth in any universe.

    Invoice Goldberg has by no means taken steroids, he is only a very massive muscular man, who works out (used to) a really lot.

    Now please, for the love of Christ please stop saying everybody within the wrestling business is on steroids! It is actually outdated & simply exhibits how ignorant you actually are.

  • Do not assume so trigger if he did then he would seem like batista and his worms.

    Supply(s): Goldberg was at all times clear.
  • Sure, however not practically as a lot as Massive Poppa Pump. I imply, Steiner’s been round for the reason that early 80s, again then in his 20s he was huge, however extra of a strong cumbersome man than puffy. Then as quickly as he will get to WCW he was a vein-puppet.

    You could possibly simply get a blood transfusion from Steiner and have sufficient roids in your system to final a lifetime. Like what occurred to SheHulk! hahah!

    Supply(s): Oh COME ON! Who right here Denies BIG POPPA PUMPS on roids?!!

    That is like saying the Staypuft Marshmallowmans вυŧŧ do not style like sugar!

  • I too wish to ask the identical query

  • to begin with he was not good at wrestling. he was an excellent actor the truth is he was horrible on the mat.

    sure he took roids

  • No he did not. In case you learn his guide they’ve footage when he was in highschool and he was huge. He cherished/loves understanding.

  • In fact not!!! I like him!!!

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  • Greater than probably

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