Do you ever crush bugs just for fun, or to feel/hear them crunch under your foot?

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Or step on them while you see them simply because you’ll be able to?

Why? 😛

whats your favourite bug to crush?

Or footwear to put on whereas crushing them?

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  • I do once they annoy me. Final yr a bee stung me and despite the fact that it was going to die anyway, I nonetheless knocked it to the ground and stepped on it. It was actually massive and I felt it crunch, however it was surprisingly satisfying.

  • Bug Crush Tales

  • i completely crush bugs! and leaves are enjoyable too! i wish to put on my climbing boots. it is a critical feeling of overkill. i rate them by factors. june bugs are 1 level every. should you can catch a fly, that 100 factors. numerous beetles go from 5-100 factors, relying on the place you are at. centipedes and millipedes are 30 factors. wasps (if they do not get you first) are 80 factors. mosquitoes are invaluable… you’ll be able to by no means kill sufficient of these. ants a 3 factors. mainly you make up the rating for brand spanking new ones as you see them, often relying on rarity and measurement. additionally, one could add one level for measurement if it’s a larger-than-normal bug. spiders are my absolute largest concern so i often run screaming from the room if i see one. sure, i’m a full-grown male (20-ish is full-grown, proper?). i journey alot so i see a number of completely different bugs and i’ve taken to taking photos earlier than and after a stomping. as soon as i obtained a goliath beetle (fort wayne). counted that for 150 factors. then there have been these 4-inch roaches in new zealand, for 400 factors every. they’re tremendous laborious to catch, although. oh and also you by no means hold rating until you wish to. i do not know what number of bugs ore factors i’ve accrued. effectively over ten thousand, i’m certain.

    and btw… i’m a very steady human being… not psychologically challenged in any approach. should you learn any revolutionary new fiction tales sooner or later, that shall be me. you’ll discover i’m fairly regular. i simply determine i’m depopulating an over-populated minute society one stomp at a time. bear in mind: this stuff may cause injury and so they have actually hundreds of thousands of children EVERY DAY. why sweat over it, eh?

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    Do you ever crush bugs only for enjoyable, or to really feel/hear them crunch below your foot?

    Or step on them while you see them simply because you’ll be able to?

    Why? 😛

    whats your favourite bug to crush?

    Or footwear to put on whereas crushing them?

  • Excessive Heel Bug Crush

  • Sure I like stepping on bugs and feeling them crush below my ft

  • I crush them with pleasure. And even with higher pleasure I like to look at when my spouse crushes them together with her excessive heel pumps toe half. Particularly snails. They crunch so pretty below her footwear. She likes to stroll over them and I wish to see that motion. She would not not really feel unhealthy. Me too.

  • Lol sure…

    I wish to see the ants hold transferring after i’ve stepped on them about 3 times. Sure, I do know what you might be considering. You assume I am a jerk.

    This sounds bizarre, however I like crushing ants.

    I like carrying my trainers to crush them. Lol.

    I like animals, do not get me incorrect, however it’s not like looking. Bugs have so many infants, so we do not have to fret about endangered species. Haha.

  • I am with each of them why would you simply sit there and crush bugs for enjoyable.

  • I’m a person and I by no means do that … however typically I witness different folks doing this

    often inside the home a spider will get killed many of the instances

    or ants finish in the identical approach

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