Difference Between SMTP and POP3 (with Comparison Chart)

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SMTP_Vs_POP3To ship and obtain a mail two brokers, message switch agent and a message entry agent are required. The message switch agent transfers the message from shopper laptop to the recipient’s mail server. Now, it’s the work of message entry agent to drag the message from the mailbox current on the mail server at recipient’s aspect to the recipient’s laptop.

We’ve got one message switch agent i.e. SMTP (Easy Mail Switch Agent), and we’ve got two message entry brokers  POP (Publish Workplace Protocol) and IMAP (Web Mail Entry Protocol). On this article, I’ve mentioned the variations between SMTP and POP3.

The essential distinction between SMTP and POP3 is that SMTP is a message switch agent used to ship the message and POP3 is a message entry agent used to obtain the message. There are some extra variations between SMTP and POP3 which I’ve mentioned within the comparability chart proven beneath; please take a look.

Content material: SMTP Vs POP3

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Comparability Chart

Foundation for Comparability SMTP POP3
Fundamental It’s message switch agent. It’s message entry agent.
Full type Easy Mail Switch Protocol. Publish Workplace Protocol model 3.
Implied Between sender and sender mail server and between sender mail server and receiver mail server. Between receiver and receiver mail server.
work It transfers the mail from senders laptop to the mail field current on receiver’s mail server. It permits to retrieve and set up mails from mailbox on receiver mail server to receiver’s laptop.
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Definition of SMTP

SMTP (Easy Mail Switch Protocol) is a Message Switch Agent (MTA). There are two MTAs shopper MTA and server MTA. A shopper MTA at purchasers system sends mail which is obtained by the server MTA at shopper’s mail server. Additional, the shopper mail server has shopper MTA which sends the mail from shopper’s mail server to the server MTA at recipient’s mail server.  SMTP is a protocol that defines each client-server MTA, on the web.

SMTP protocol is used within the state of affairs the place each the sender and receiver of mail have to be linked to their mail server by WAN or LAN. SMTP protocol is used two instances, first between sender and its mail server and second between shopper’s mail server and receivers mail server. SMTP isn’t used between receiver’s mail server and receiver; the POP protocol accomplishes this activity.

SMTP-2Now let’s consider the working of SMTP. SMTP defines the command and responses which might be used to switch the messages between shopper and server MTA. The instructions are despatched from shopper to the server. The responses are despatched again from the server to the shopper.

The mail switch between Consumer MTA and Server MTA happens in three phases: Connection institution, mail switch, and Connection termination. Initially, the connection is established between shopper and server MTA. After the connection is established, a single mail is exchanged between the one sender and a number of other recipients. After the profitable switch of the message the connection is terminated by the shopper.

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Definition of POP3

As we’ve got seen above SMTP accomplishes the mail supply activity from shopper to server MTA. Now a  pull protocol is required to drag the mail from the MTA server to the receiver. For this, we’ve got POP3 protocol i.e. Publish Workplace Protocol model 3. It’s message entry agent.

The POP3 has shopper and server MAA; shopper MAA software program is put in on the recipient laptop whereas, the server MAA is put in on the recipient’s mail server. To entry/learn the mail the consumer has to first obtain the mail from mailbox on mail server to its laptop.

To entry mail from the mail field current on the mail server the shopper MAA at recipient laptop establishes the connection with the mail server utilizing TCP port 110. For establishing connection shopper MAA at recipient’s laptop sends username and password to the mailbox. Then the consumer is authenticated to retrieve mail messages one after the other.

POP3-1POP3 works on two modes delete mode and hold mode. Delete mode, deletes the mail from the mailbox after its retrieval and this mode is used when the consumer is working at his everlasting laptop. Because the mails might be saved and arranged on the consumer’s everlasting laptop, it needn’t be remaining within the mailbox.

Preserve mode is used when the consumer isn’t engaged on its everlasting laptop. In hold, mode mails stay within the mailbox even after its retrieval for later organizing of mails on the consumer’s everlasting laptop.

Key Variations Between SMTP and POP3

  1. The important thing distinction between SMTP and POP3 is that SMTP is a message switch agent and POP3 is message entry agent.
  2. The SMTP has full type Easy Mail Switch Agent whereas, the total type for POP3 is  Publish Workplace Protocol.
  3. The SMTP protocol is implied two instances, first between sender and sender’s mail server and second between sender and receiver’s mail server. Nonetheless, the POP is implied between receiver and receiver’s mail server.
  4. SMTP is used for sending mail from sender laptop to receivers mail server. On the opposite arms, POP3 is used to retrieve and set up mails from mailbox current on receiver’s mail server.
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The SMTP is a protocol that defines the working of Message Switch Agent. It’s used to ship the mail from the sender’s laptop to the receiver’s mail server. POP is a pull protocol that’s required to drag mail from receiver’s mail server to receiver’s laptop. It additionally let consumer set up the mails.

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