Difference Between Linear and Logistic Regression (with Comparison Chart)

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Linear regression vs logistic regression Linear and Logistic regression are essentially the most fundamental type of regression that are generally used. The important distinction between these two is that Logistic regression is used when the dependent variable is binary in nature. In distinction, Linear regression is used when the dependent variable is steady and nature of the regression line is linear.

Regression is a way used to foretell the worth of a response (dependent) variables, from a number of predictor (unbiased) variables, the place the variable are numeric. There are numerous types of regression equivalent to linear, a number of, logistic, polynomial, non-parametric, and many others.

Content material: Linear Regression Vs Logistic Regression

  1. Comparability Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Variations
  4. Conclusion

Comparability Chart

Foundation for comparability Linear Regression Logistic Regression
Fundamental The information is modelled utilizing a straight line. The likelihood of some obtained occasion is represented as a linear perform of a mix of predictor variables.
Linear relationship between dependent and unbiased variables Is required Not required
The unbiased variable Could possibly be correlated with one another. (Specifically in a number of linear regression) Shouldn’t be correlated with one another (no multicollinearity exist).

Definition of Linear Regression

The linear regression method includes the continual dependent variable and the unbiased variables may be steady or discrete. Through the use of finest match straight line linear regression units up a relationship between dependent variable (Y) and a number of unbiased variables (X). In different phrases, there exist a linear relationship between unbiased and dependent variables.

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The distinction between linear and a number of linear regression is that the linear regression accommodates just one unbiased variable whereas a number of regression accommodates a couple of unbiased variables. The very best match line in linear regression is obtained by means of least sq. methodology.

The next equation is used to signify a linear regression mannequin:linear regression The place b is the intercept, b1is the slope of the road and e is the error. Right here Y depends variable and X is an unbiased variable.

The next graph can be utilized to point out the linear regression mannequin.linear regression graph

Definition of Logistic Regression

The logistic regression method includes dependent variable which may be represented within the binary (0 or 1, true or false, sure or no) values, signifies that the result may solely be in both one type of two. For instance, it may be utilized when we have to discover the likelihood of profitable or fail occasion. Right here, the identical system is used with the extra sigmoid perform, and the worth of Y ranges from 0 to 1.

Logistic regression equation :equationsBy placing Y in Sigmoid perform, we get the next end result.

The next graph can be utilized to point out the logistic regression mannequin.logistic regression graph

As we’re working right here with a binomial distribution (dependent variable), the hyperlink perform is chosen which is most fitted for the distribution. Within the above equation, the parameters are chosen to maximise the probability of observing the pattern values as a substitute of minimizing the sum of squared errors (equivalent to linear regression).

Logistic features are used within the logistic regression to establish how the likelihood P of an occasion is affected by a number of dependent variables.

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Key Variations Between Linear and Logistic Regression

  1. The Linear regression fashions knowledge utilizing steady numeric worth. As in opposition to, logistic regression fashions the info within the binary values.
  2. Linear regression requires to determine the linear relationship amongst dependent and unbiased variable whereas it isn’t needed for logistic regression.
  3. Within the linear regression, the unbiased variable may be correlated with one another. Quite the opposite, within the logistic regression, the variable should not be correlated with one another.


Linear regression fashions knowledge utilizing a straight line the place a random variable, Y(response variable) is modelled as a linear perform of one other random variable, X (predictor variable). Alternatively, the logistic regression fashions the likelihood of the occasions in bivariate that are primarily occurring as a linear perform of a set of dependent variables.

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