Difference Between E-R Model and Relational Model in DBMS (with Comparison Chart)

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E-R Mannequin and Relational Mannequin each are the sorts of Information Mannequin. Information Mannequin describes a strategy to design database at bodily, logical and examine stage. The principle distinction between E-R Mannequin and Relational Mannequin is that E-R Mannequin is entity particular, and Relational Mannequin is desk particular.

Allow us to focus on some variations between E-R Mannequin and Relation mannequin with the assistance of comparability chart proven under.

Content material: E-R Mannequin Vs Relational Mannequin

  1. Comparability Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Variations
  4. Conclusion

Comparability Chart

Foundation for Comparability E-R Mannequin Relational Mannequin
Fundamental It represents the gathering of objects known as entities and relation between these entities. It represents the gathering of Tables and the relation between these tables.
Describe Entity Relationship Mannequin describe information as Entity set, Relationship set and Attribute. Relational Mannequin describes information in a desk as Area, Attributes, Tuples.
Relationship E-R Mannequin is less complicated to grasp the connection between entities. Comparatively, it’s much less straightforward to derive a relation between tables in Relational Mannequin.
Mapping E-R Mannequin describes Mapping Cardinalities. Relational Mannequin doesn’t describe mapping cardinalities.

Definition of E-R Mannequin

Entity-Relationship Mannequin or E-R Mannequin was developed by Peter Chen in 1976. E-R Mannequin will be expressed as the gathering of entities, additionally known as as actual phrase objects and relations between these entities. No two entities ought to be an identical. E-R Mannequin exhibits the conceptual view of the database.

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E-R Mannequin is shaped by the entity set, relationship set and the attributes. The place all of the entities collectively kind entity set, all of the relations between the entities collectively kind relationship set, and the attribute describes the properties of entities.

It may be defined with an instance. Allow us to take two real-world entities Make use of and Division it’ll kind an Entity set. Now we will simply straightforward derive a relation between these two entities that an Make use of works-for a Division. That is how we will retrieve relationship set from E-R Mannequin.

Alternatively, attributes of those entities can be, for Make use of- (employ_name-, employ_id, emploly_add, employ_post, and many others.) and for Division- (department_name, department_no, location, and many others.).

The content material of ER-model should conform constraints like Mapping cardinality, Participation ratio and Keys. Mapping cardinality describes the variety of entities related to the one other entity. Participation ratio describes whether or not there’s a whole or partial participation of 1 entity to a different. Keys uniquely outline an entity in an entity set.

Definition of Relational Mannequin

Relational Mannequin was developed by Codd in 1970 together with the non-procedural methodology to question the info from Relational Mannequin. Relational Mannequin represents information and relation amongst these information within the type of tables. Tables are known as as relations in Relational Mannequin.

Tables can have any variety of rows however have a particular variety of columns. Every row in a desk is named Tuple that comprises the total details about a specific entity in a desk. Set of Tuples is named document and therefore, the Relational mannequin is named Report-based Mannequin.

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The columns in a desk are known as attributes that describe the properties of a desk (relation). Every attribute will need to have a area that defines the kind of worth that it could actually retailer. Like E-R Mannequin Keys additionally performs an necessary position in a Relational Mannequin as a key uniquely determine a tuple in a relation or desk.

Key Variations Between E-R Mannequin and Relational Mannequin

  1. The essential distinction between E-R Mannequin and Relational Mannequin is that E-R mannequin particularly offers with entities and their relations. Alternatively, the Relational Mannequin offers with Tables and relation between the info of these tables.
  2. An E-R Mannequin describes the info with entity set, relationship set and attributes. Nonetheless, the Relational mannequin describes the info with the tuples, attributes and area of the attribute.
  3. One can simply perceive the connection among the many information in E-R Mannequin as in comparison with Relational Mannequin.
  4. E-R Mannequin has Mapping Cardinality as a constraint whereas Relational Mannequin doesn’t have such constraint.


If E-R Mannequin is to be transformed to the Relational mannequin every robust entity would outline a separate desk.

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