Cross Docking in SAP Warehouse Management – One Step



Introduction :

Cross docking is a Enterprise operation which is extremely advisable in in the present day’s warehousing situations the place prospects try to attain earnings by decreasing the fabric dealing with price, labour and time. Basically phrases cross docking allows warehouse to map inbound supply paperwork to outbound deliveries to cut back the fabric dealing with and storing within the warehouse.

Enterprise Course of and assignments :

In our state of affairs we’re coping with deliberate cross docking that allows us to plan the cross docking earlier than items arrive into warehouse by way of cross docking choices in Cross dock monitor.Basically enterprise course of cross docking is normalized at materials ranges, sure particular materials are designated for cross docking. We right here by on this doc use particular motion indicator ‘S’ and customized WM motion kind ‘990’ with respect to 101 IM motion to differentiate cross docking. [ Note : this is purely conditional and depends on how the solution is designed]

One step cross docking motion course of straight from Inbound GR space to Outbound transport space.

We’ve the under Stipulations :

a) Verify the warehouse configuration in SPRO> IMG> Logistics Execution >Warehouse Administration > Cross docking >Common settings >Keep Warehouse Stage settings

be sure that for related warehouse 2step cross docking indicator isn’t checked.

b) No pre allocation inventory test in  motion varieties 990 ( on this case ) generally for 101 and 601. “take into account Pre-alloc inventory”

c) inventory placement and inventory elimination affirmation required for storage kind 902 and 916. In our case we have now used customized storage kind CD1 rather than 902 normal.


a) SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Administration > Cross docking > Common settings > Keep Warehouse stage settings

For our warehouse XY1, 2 step is unchecked, and opportunistic CD for each INB and OBD are chosen with planning time of 24 HRs.

b) SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Administration > Cross docking > Common settings > Outline Cross-Docking Relevancy for Motion Varieties

For our motion kind 990 Cross dock is related

c) SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Administration > Cross docking > Common settings > Outline Cross-Docking Resolution Quantity Vary

Inner quantity vary maintained for Cross dock determination throughout cross dock planning.

Enterprise Transactions :

a) Create buy order and wrt to PO, create the inbound supply.

Inbound del # 180000115 created for five EA

b) Create Gross sales order for five EA and create the Outbound supply.

Supply created

c) Now we have to plan the cross docking in cross dock monitor – LXDCK transaction


Choose ‘plan’ and system will present the under display screen:

Left facet is the inbound supply which is the candidate and proper is the outbound supply which is the planning doc. Choose each and click on on ‘Add to Plan’

When you save , system will create a call quantity.

Each the paperwork are actually linked to carry out the cross docking.

d) Create TO wrt to the Inbound supply.

create in foreground.

We are able to see that the vacation spot storage kind is mechanically chosen as 916 and the storage bin is our outbound supply quantity from the GR space as CD1 with PO#4500017274 That signifies that the inventory is straight transferring from interim GR space to transport space deliverables. Observe : For the motion kind 990 in our state of affairs , the supply storage kind configured is CD1 in SPRO. Basically for 101 motion it’s 902

e) Confirming the TO utilizing LT12.

WM inventory earlier than affirmation:

After TO affirmation

We are able to see that now the out there inventory in 916/800015848 is 5EA

f) The doc stream for outbound supply exhibits the TO is confirmed

identical goes with inbound supply case,the place the TO is confirmed and GR is completed. This completes the method.

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